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Refadin as Humoral Immunomodulant in a lapin Models

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 سماح احمد كاظم الجبوري
6/27/2011 7:46:42 PM
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Refadin as Humoral Immunomodulant in a lapin Models

Ibrahim M.S. Shnawa    &    Samah A. Kadum**
Department of Biology, College of Science
The Institute of local Ecology, Babylon University-Hilla
Kufa Med. J..2005. Vol.8. No.1 p.(59-62).
Serial subtheraputic concentrations of Refadin® that ranged from 0-6 mg/rn/kg were made in 2v. egg albumin antigen. Two protocols for immunopriming rabbits were attempted, as oral and multiinjection.
Same concentrations were incorporated in vitro in the diluting buffur of immune and hyper-immunesera of anti EA Specificity.
 In each case immunomodulation was scored as enhancement of anti EA titres or reduction in anti EA titres using microtitrehaermagglutination assay.
 It has been found that; the priming rout, the nature of adjuvant used, the nature of antibody as serum or mucosal and the drug concentration as well as the approach nature as in vitro or in vivo, were the factors affecting the humoral immune modulation.
This immuilomodulation was in form of immunosuppressive type, antigen independent, dose dependent in which the antigen was T independent, B cell mitogen. The dose — response relation was of simple linear negative type.
 Based upon this, results drug induced immunosuppression in tuberculus patients is quitepossible.
Refadin® is an antibacterial antibiotic produced by Streptomyces rneditrranei in three forms.
 In which the usuall theraputic form is the Refadin B®.(EgOfOtr, 1985) This antibiotic is helpful in treatment of chronic bacterial infections like tuberculosis.(Ba, 1976; Lorian, 1986; Grang, 1988 & Swerlick,1998) It is genotoxic effect has been  investigated.
(shnawa, OO3) Its immunological influences have rarely been documented.(shnawa, 2001) The aim of the present work was at the investigation of the possible immunomodulating effect of Refadin® in a lapin experimental model.
Materials and Methods:
Animals: Thirty three rabbits (0. caniculi) were brought from local breed. Check for ecto and endoparasites as well as blood parasites were done. Test bled to check for anti EA natural antibodies.
 The antibody and parasite free rabbits were the test animals. Otherwise, replenishing of anti EA and parasite bear rabbit was done. These animals were acclimatried to housing conditions and kept ad libitum and grouped into 11 group each of three. One as control and the rest were test groups.
Antigen: Egg albumin 2% aqious solution were made from egg albumin flakes of BDH Inc in sterile saline.
Drugs: Refadin® 0.3, 0.6, 1.2. and 6 mg/mi were prepared from Refadin® 150 mg Lillely Co. Chloramphenicol® in 10 mg/mi was made in sterile saline from Chloramphenciol 250 mg Samara Drug Industry Iraq. Vitamin A is theraputic Co. was made in sterial saline from.
1. Adjuvant: Sunflower oil of Turkish origin was used in ratio of volume to volume with EA antigen as adjuvant.(AL Shahary& Shnawa, 1989)
2. Immunizatian Protocol: Muitisite injection protocol(AL Shahary & Shnawa, 1989) and oral dosage protocol (Hassan, 2002) were followed.
3. Serology: Blood samples were collected from test and control groups of rabbits by cardic puncture and sera were separated.(AL Shahary & Shnawa, 1989) Gut mucosal immunoglobulins were separated from duodenum.( & Thwa,ni 2000) Haemagglutination and interfacial precipitation were ersuded as fl.(Garvey et. aL, 1977) For in vitro studies the diluting saline serial refadin concentration.

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