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Separation of Azoxybenzenes and some derivatives by High

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 ذو الفقار علي عبد
6/19/2011 6:05:52 AM
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A high performance liquid chromatographic method was used for the Separation and determination of a mixture of Azoxybenzene (diphenyldiazine-1-oxide) together with three of its derivatives; i.e. 4, 4-dinitroazoxy benzene; 4, 4-dichloroazoxybenzene and 4-chloro- 4-methoxyazoxybenzene.
Chromatography was performed at 50C° using a mixture of methanol-water as a mobile phase. The percentage of methanol in this mixture was between (80-90)%. The precision was very high since the error in this study was less than (0.3%) because the relative error of percentage Erel% is between (0.28-0.65) and the detection limit (DL) in this method was equal to (0.2) ng.   

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