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Study Some Properties for Manufactured Grinding Wheels by Use Different Abrasive Materials

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 مروة مرزة سلمان جرمط العجيلي
12/09/2019 06:30:07
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This research includes study and manufacturing grinding wheels from different abrasive materials (silicon carbide (SiC) and alumina (Al2O3)) with particle size (154µm)) and glass binding material ( powder of window glass scrap with particle size (125µm)). The percentage of binding material was (8, 14, 20 % wt ). By using powder technology, samples of grinding wheels were produced from mixing the matrix and binding materials together and pressed at (110 MPa) by using steel alloy molds. After that, the samples were sintered at (700 ?C). The physical properties (density and porosity) and mechanical properties (hardness, bending strength, compressive strength and wear rate) were measured for all samples. The results showed that the higher hardness value was (517MPa) when silicon carbide was used with (20 % wt.) of glass binding material and lower wear rate was (0.088 g/cm2) when alumina was used with (20 % wt.) of glass binding material.

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