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The exhibited work is focused on the preparation of alumina based porous ceramics and its characterizations. Alumina ceramic with Macro-porous size and control of pore morphology was prepared by semi-dry pressing method via using organic yeast cell for pore forming. Where, alumina powder synthesis by sol-gel method using Al (NO3)3_9H2O and ammonia, then it uses as raw material to produce a porous alumina bodies. During the heat treatment, the organic additions(yeast) was removed and produce a pore ,it was observed that with increasing amount of the yeast cell, the porosity tends to increase. The effect of both different mas ratio of alumina synthesis to yeast, pressing, calcination temperature and soaking time on the microstructure of the final bodies were an investigation. The obtain macro porous alumina had a pore size in rand (0.09-2 ?m), porosity (53-75%).

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  • Alumina ceramic with Macro-porous size