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Assessment of nursing students knowledge about tuberculosis

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 ميس هادي جبر
09/10/2019 05:52:17
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Background:- Tuberculosis has emerged as one of the most significant public health problem in the world especially in developing countries.
Tuberculosis (TB) is the second leading cause of human death and TB is one of the major public health problems in Iraq. The aim of the present study was to assess the Knowledge about TB among non-medical university students.
Objective:- To evaluate the knowledge regarding tuberculosis among a sample from College of Nursing students.
Methods:- A cross-sectional study including(93) female students and(57)male from Nursing College, /University of Babylon, during November and December 2018, they were subjected to previously structured questionnaire covering many aspects of responses were analyzed by frequency, percentages and percent score for each question and mean percent score for each domain. Satisfactory knowledge level regarding a tuberculosis among study sample.

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