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Knowledge Attitudes and Barriers of Undergraduate Medical Students Towards Research in University of Babylon

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 نادية حسين صاحب طاهر
08/03/2020 08:56:59
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Students who did not participate in this activity during their training that might
negatively affect their understanding of the importance of research in their future
Objective of the study:
To evaluate the attitude and knowledge and barriers of a sample of Iraqi medical
undergraduate students.
Across sectional study was done using a self-administered pretested questionnaire
to measure the knowledge, barriers and attitudes of students toward research.
Two hundred eight medical students were studied in the University of Babylon.
The female to male ratio was 2:1. Regarding barriers , the study revealed that( 55.3% )of the students had efficient internet.
This study explained that the skill of English language writing is very low. Only one-fourth of the students were exposed to the encouragement to participate in academic research and 8.7% of the students mentioned that there was available chance for them to conduct research. Only 15.8% agreed that they can access scientific journals through university library while 3.4% of study group knew that there are government financial support toward research, 68.2% of the students said that there are no enough training in research. Regarding the attitude 73.3% of the
participants had positive attitudes.

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