Arab Board students Discussion

التاريخ :29/11/2020 08:17:47
كلية طب حمورابي
كتـب بواسطـة  اراس حامد عبد الله عدد المشاهدات 75


 Arab Board students  Discussion


Prof. Dr. Adnan Handhil Tarish participated , as a supervising member ,in the discussion of the Arab Board student  thesis on Thursday, 11/5/2020 at Al-Razi hall ( at Babylon maternity and children Teaching Hospital)  for the student : Tamara Malik Hammoud about her thesis entitled as (Hepcidin level in patient with thalassemia syndrome), where the committee consisted of Prof. Dr. Muthar Hassan Nour and memberships of each Dr. Bushra Ghafil, Dr. Hakim Youssef, and Prof. Dr. Adnan Handhil. wishing the student all the best of  success.